A Drum/A Gallery

Size: 14 x 7,5 inches.

This projects took me a few months. The idea was to create a drum in which every lug would be a small wall-sculpture, so that the drum could be seen as gallery space. I've written and shown pictures about the process of this project regularly on my facebook-page.

The shell is a recycled Slingerland chrome over wood (COW) shell, that is 5 mm. thick, has three plies (maple, poplar, mahogany) and has maple re-rings. I took the chrome plated sheet of metal of and veneered it with 8 pieces of light American Elm (a patch for every lug). The inside of the shell is glued with a lacquer drenched piece of paper that I made a drawing on. I added maple lozenges.

It's too much to go into detail about how each lug is made (material, technique, etc.), but I can assure that each lug has a very high level of quality (material- and construction wise). They all have m6 threads and the drum comes with an extra set of inserts for each lug (if ever an insert has to replaced I will do that as free service). All screws are machined and made to size for each lug. They are raw steel that was heat-treated with wax. The number of the lug that the screws belong to is etched in the heads of the screws. The number of the lug is also carved in the veneer and filled with black paint.

The hoops are made from cast-aluminum hoops that I scratched the chrome off with a carbide dye-grinder-bit. The hoop was then etched and treated with silver gilding wax. The strainer was handmade from raw steel and was waxed; I tried to make it as small as possible to leave maximum visual space for the lugs.

This drum doesn't carry my BW badge, I didn't find a place on the drum where it did not disturb the lugs. I choose to "sign" this drum instead, which also seems more suitable on a conceptual level.

Prize: 845 Euro's

More background reading about this project: click here and here.