Fire and Fury Side Snare.

Size: 14 x 24 inches. Really? Yes!

This used to be a 14,5 x 26 rope tension field drum that I reclaimed and reworked. I adjusted the shell with specially made re-rings so it can take standard 14 inch heads and I adjusted the hoops (that I turned into so called hide-a-hoops) for the same purpose. I left the original paint-work untouched, apart from sealing it with shellac and a water based satin laquer. The hardware is handmade from raw steel and is "pre-rusted" (but with 2 final coats of a very durable 2K ultra matte laquer). I tinkered extremely long versions of my normal strainer and throw so you don't have to be an acrobat while turning the snares on or off while playing. The bottom hoop is fitted with small adjustable legs to be able to tilt the drum. Prize: Sold.