size: 18 x 8 inch.

This basssnaredrum was a commision by Etienne Nillesen; it was a creative pleasure working out the specs of this drum together. The shell is a reclaimed Royal tenor drum (vintage Dutch brand) that I cut down from 12 to 8 inch deepness. I also reclaimed the beech hoops of that drum and mounted ears/claws on them. All hardware is handmade from beech, except for the clamp-on spurs, which I made from steel. The beech was finished with linseed oil and wax. I was lucky to find a real 18 inch snare side head, super thin. The snare wires are 16 inch, but soon custom-made 18 inch wires will be delivered and mounted (Geert Jan Koops made them for me). The finish is fabric and a very durable non-yellowing laquer.

Prize: Sold.