Best of All Worlds II

Size: 13 x 3,5 inches.

This wonderfully crisp but also full sounding drum has a segmented shell of 7 mm. thickness, that I made from a solid mixed wood furniture panel (more or less like in the picture, but with different species). I can identify walnut, maple and cherry in it. I think I also see birch and pear, but am not sure. I cut up the board (and later the segmented rings) strategically to create the random pattern. The shell is finished with linseed oil, shellack and beeswax (in that order). Bearing edges are 45 degrees inside with hand-sanded 2mm. radius round-over outside. The hardware is factory and brushed. 

Prize: Sold.

The name of this drum is a playful hunch at marketing slogans like "the warmth of maple," "the low-end of walnut," "the dark timbre of cherry," etc. Those who know my work know that I'm pretty skeptical about the whole "tone-wood" thing.