Cardboard Drum

Size 10 x 3,5 inches

The free floating shell is based on my UTUR design (more about that here). Instead of very thin wood I used cardboard that I drenched in polyester. Of course the shell can't be beat with a stick, nor can hardware be fixed on it, but it is plenty strong for this free floating design; however high I crank the heads, the shell keeps its shape perfectly. Another thing I wanted to do was experiment with steel and fabric to make strong but decorative hide-a-head hoops. The other hardware on this drum is sourced from old drums I head lying around. I am not sure about continuing the cardboard experiment, I am sure though about making more of these nice hoops. I learned a lot from making these (as youtuber Jimmy Diresta says: "You go to school on the first one").

Prize: sold.