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Sept. 18, 2019. Some nice recordings of my UTUR drumkit played by Mischa Porte. Click the thumbnails on the left for a link. Headphones highly recommended!

August 25, 2019. Three UTUR snaredrums finished. Check them out here.

July 15, 2019: Working on a batch of UTURs. Click "What is UTUR?" to read more about this design.

July 8, 2019: Today I met with Mischa Porte at Tunnelmusic in Arnhem, where he tested a few of my drums. I invited him because I reconed some of my drums would fit his playing really well. It seemed I was right. He took some drums home for further exploration. Check out Mischa's work here.

June 26, 2019: New drum finished! The first one since moving to our new house and my new workshop. Quite a struggle this one, but I made it. It's called Daddy Sweet, check it out here.

June 1 2019: Finally my new workshop is more or less up and running: I'm building drums again!

May 26 2019: Showing drums at Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, an anual fair with mostly vintage drums, and some custom drums. Always a pleasure seeing how people respond to my drums. Always good receiving valuable feedback.

April 2019. Busy with our new house. Moving my family and workshop from Nijmegen to Diepenveen. Will be working on drums again from june, I hope. 

14-3-2019. New drum finished: Check out this 18 inch beast here.

30-1-2019. New drum finished! A tiny one. Check it out here.

23-01-2019 New drumfinished. Check it out here.

19-1-2019: New drum finished. Check it out here.

19-12-2018: Proud! My work is mentioned in Slagwerkkrant, the Dutch magazine for drummers!

21-11-2018: New drum finished. See it here.

20-11-2018: An online publication on my MDF-snare experiment. Click here to read it and check out this interesting site, click here to see the drum it is about.

14-11-2018: New drum finished. Check it here.
8-11-2018: New drum set finished! It's an UTUR. Click the pic.

24-10-2018: I reworked the drum I made for my MDF-stavedrum experiment (read about that below). This drum is for sale, click here for more info.

13-10-2018: Belgian drummer Bert Hornikx once bought one of my UTUR snaredrums and asked me to be build a small bass drum for him. I built it along with the complete UTUR drum set I was planning to build. Bert's bass drums is now finished (the drumset will be finished in about a week or two). I don't know how it sounds, experimentation has yet to be done. More about this bass drum here.

31-08-2018: I made a stave drum from MDF and let drummers judge it in a blind test. They liked it! I wrote an article about this. read it below.

19-08-2018: First UTUR drumset on its way! Click on "What is UTUR" to read more about this design. 

18-08-2018: It took a while, but now I have video/audio registrations of some of my snares. For instance this one.

19-07-2018: This shell in progress is the result of sheer obsessive compulsiveness. I once found a branch of spalted oak that I cut to small boards with my chainsaw. I was totally in love with the heavy spalting (that was not only in the sapwood, but also in the hardwood). I knew that if I wanted to make a "correct" stave drum out of it, I would only have enough material for a 8 inch drum..... Still my urge to make a drum from this wood was very strong. It took me a year (which was the drying time of the wood ;-)) to find a way to make the wood into a drum. I made an "incorrect" stave drum. A 12 x 6 was the max of what I could squeeze out of my boards. I had to work with a wide variety of widths and I chose to exagerate that playfully. The structural rings are vertical grain quarter sawn red oak. When time is given I'll finish the inside of this drum and make some nice raw metal hardware for it. This shell design offers me all kinds of ideas.......

08-07-2018: Today I gave a workshop on making bearing edges with simple hand-tools.

08-07-2018: New drum finished, one step further in my UTUR design experiment project. See more here.

21-6-2018: They keep getting weirder and weirder..... NEW DRUM FINISHED, check it out here.

9-6-2018: A workshop about finishing your drums with fabric. During the last 3 years I gained a lot of practical experience (by trial and error) on this subject. More and more people contacted me with questions about how to do it, so I organized a workshop. I'm planning on organizing more workshops. If you're interested, contact me.

6-6-2018: New drum finished! This one took me quite some time; there was a lot I had to figure out, quite a puzzle it was. Check it out here.

23-05-2018: I am now working on a 14 x 22 inch snaredrum, that I create from re-working an old field-drum. The drum was 14,5 inch wide so I had to make re-ring-like hoops that I can glue into the shell and that make it possible to use ordinary heads. I re-worked the tuning-hoops as well and turned them into "hide-a-hoops". I am currently working on raw metal hardware for this drum (nice claws and very long tube-lugs).

30-04-2018. Finally I found time to take good pictures of this funky little bop-kit I made at the end of 2017. Check it out here.

29-04-2018. My drums can now be played and bought at Leon Keppels Tunnel Music Arnhem. They can also still be bought directly via this website (contact me). In the meanwhile I am working on even more exciting ones.... 

26-04-2018. New drum. A tiny snaredrum for my son. Check it out here.

23-04-2018. New drum finished! It's called Nasty Little Bugger. Check it out here. After april 27 it is in Leon Keppels shop, Tunnel Music Arnhem.

09-04-2018. Stuff I'm working on. In the left picture you see (from left to right en from bottom to top): 1. UTUR Mahogany II (see below on this page). 2. A spalted birch stave glue up that will give me two 14 x 5,5 shells. 3. A 14 x 7 inch birch stave glue up from a tree that I guess must have had a certain illness, because parts of the board were dark like walnut. 4. A 14 x 7 inch applewood stave glue up. 5. A 14 x 4,5 inch soft pine stave glue up. 6. A 13 x 4,5 inch stave glue up from a very hard and dense pine with a lovely figuring, combine with narrow strips of mahogany. 7. A 12 x 3 inch bamboo stave shell nearly finished (oh boy, that stuff is hard and splintery!!!). 8. A hollow log shell from what I strongly believe to be ebony (its is extremely dark, heavy and sinks in water). It was a tribal drum. I'm going to make a second version of this with it. It wil get a goat skin batter side and a (normal) 10 inch reso side with snares. It's very tall, maybe I'll make two. On top of this shell you see a small 10 inch ply shell that will be the donor for imperial sizes snare sides in this project, the ebony shell is only 9,2 inch wide, I'll widen it up with the 10 inch ply shell, to make normal reso-heads fit. 9. A very tall vintage military drum that I'll turn into a 14 x 22 inch drum that can both be used as an extremely deep side snare and as a bass drum in a cocktail set. Over the years I'll complement it with a fitting rack-tom and tiny snare.

I allways work on things one by one. Currently I'm working on the bamboo piccolo. It will get handmade raw iron hardware.

From may 2018 onwards my drums will be for sale directly via my website (contact me), but also at the physical shop of Tunnelmusic in Arnhem, The Netherlands. They can be tested there. Leon Keppels, with whom I have a very positive and fruitful collaboration since 2 years, will welcome you. Check his site for opening hours or contact him for an appointment.

At april 22 2018, I will be offering all these snares for test and purchase at the Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting.


UTUR V (Mahogany)

UTUR = Ultra Thin, Ultra Rigid. See: What is UTUR?

Size: 14 x 5 inches. 

A new step in my design experiment. I managed to make a shell that is rigid but has a wall thickness of only 1,2 mm. (one ply of a mohagony-like hardwood). Unfortunately for those who are curious how I did this, I cannot show you more than a hazy (pun intended) view of the inside of this drum. This drum is not (yet) up for sale because I have to do a couple of test-runs with it first.