size: 14 x 5,75 inch

The shell is a stave construction from reclaimed tropical hardwood (don't know the name). The batter-side bearing edge is 45 degrees inside and 4,5 mm roundover outside. The reso-side bearing edge is a "double 45" with the highest part located 2 mm from the ouside of the shell. Snarebeds are deep and wide. A very beefy sounding drum, bur also very sensitive. The wrap of this drum is experimental, it is made from a crayon drawing on acid-free paper, drenched in epoxy resin. It is sanded and has a coat of waterbased semi-gloss lacquer. Hardware is handmade from steel, brushed and waxed. The airvent is integrated in the strainer. I made 8 stainless steel nuts that can be used to prevent the batterhead from detuning. 

Prize: 745 Euro's

This drum can be sold to people in EU-countries only.