El Rey de los Panqueques II

Size: 16 x 4 inch. 

A single tension drum with 12 tensioners.

The shell is a repurposed vintage Sonor floortom shell (probably Swinger), beech. I used a piece of the shell to give the drum re-rings (the tension on a snaredrum will be much higher than on a floortom, the shell needed extra rigidity). It is a single tension drum, but the batter-side bearing edge has a 4,5 mm. radius roundover while the reso-side edge is very sharp and has it's highest point at the edge of the drum. This difference, combined with the different thicknesses of the batter and reso head, makes for a reso head that is always tuned substantially higher than the batter head, which is preferred by most drummers. This drum is extremely responsive. 

The floral motive art-work is made by my neighbour Nicky. Hoops are handmade from birch and ipe. All hardware, except the tensionrods and the knob of the strainer, is handmade from patinated steel (waxed with microcrystalline wax). The 12 black nickel tensionrods are factory-made but brushed a little. The knob is painted wood. To not have to stick a badge on the artwork I made a special badge for this drum.

Prize: Sold

On the picture you see Nicky, my neighbour holding the drum. The boy is my son, who wasn't involved in building this drum, but wanted to be on the picture too ;-)