El Rey de los Panqueques.

Size: 16x3 inches

A single tension snaredrum with 10 tension rods. The shell is a part I cut out of a vintage mahogany premier floortom and that I gave new (less heavy) birch re-rings. The bearing edges are 30 degrees inside and 4,5 mm. radius roundover outside. The finish outside is fabric with a few layers of a very hard 2k laquer, the inside is primer and copper-paste. The hoops are home made from birch plywood, stained and lacquered (same laquer as shell). All hardware is solid brass. The claws, I think, are Ayotte (I found them in my box of drumparts I collected over time); the ones on the bottom hoop I adjusted a bit. Screws, rings, nuts, strainer and throw are handmachined.

Prize (including a snare stand that fits this drum): sold.