Tribal Side Snare I

(For Dutch speakers, I also call this one: Van Alles een Djembeetje).

Size: 10 (approx.) x 12 inches. I removed the ropes from an unknown African hollow log drum and adjusted the bottom of it (made it perfectly round and flat and gave it a sharp bearing edge), so it can take a 12 inch snare-reso head. On the batter side I altered the tensioning ring in such a way that there's the possibility of playing it with the hand, but also with sticks and make rim-shots. This drum is very versatile and can make many different sounds. I sanded the shell down and gave it a dark walnut stain, which was followed by linseed oil, shellack and wax. All hardware is handmade from steel, and is waxed. This drum comes with a handmade matching key! Prize: Sold.