Farmers Drum V (M6L)

Size: 13 x 6 inches.

A 13 mm. thick stave shell. The outside is acacia that I harvested in a small forest near my workshop. The inside is oak that I reclaimed from old furniture I found on the streets of my town. The wood is carved in a pattern and the lines were made dark. It is finished with linseed oil, shellac and beeswax (in that order). The hardware is made from thread spools I found in an old farmers shed, carriage bolts, cable tensioners and steel. The parts that weren't zinc plated already I tin-plated. All metal is brushed and treated with microcristallyne wax. Bearing edges are 45 degrees inside and 4,5 mm. round-over outside.

Audio/video at the bottom of this page.

Prize: 695 Euro's