Farmers Drum VI

Size: 14 x 7 inch

Idea: One of the challenges I gave myself in this build was to combine at least 4 different metals. Another was to do the woodworking completely with handtools. It's a drum a farmer would make in his shed, with materials he would have lying around. In his own farmerish way he'd try to make it as good looking and good sounding as possible. 

Shell: Hybrid, a combination of stave constructed spalted birch and rolled and welded aluminum. The aluminum was scratched and etched. Linseed oil and beeswax. 

Lugs: Vintage brass lugs I had lying around. I removed the nickel from them with electrlysis, and made them shorter, elongated the threads inside etc. Microcristaline wax. 

Screws: Normal M6 tension rod that I modified using a file. They're raw steel now. Microcristaline wax. 

Hoops: Handmade "Hide-a-head" hoops. Inside brass, outside hammered copper. Microcristaline wax. 

Strainer, throw, airvent, claws: Handmade from raw steel. Microcristaline wax.

Prize: Sold.