Size: 14 x 4 inches.

This single tension drum can be played as a hand drum (with or without snares) and when you turn it 180 degrees you can use it as a regular snaredrum (Credits to Dutch drummer John Rietberg for giving me this idea). The shell is a 12 mm. thick stave construction of reclaimed pine. The batterside has a bearing edge with a roundover of a fairly large radius. The reso side though, has a very sharp bearing edge with its top completely at the outside of the shell. This results in a reso head that is a fair bit tighter than the batter head. Together with a pretty wide and deep snare bed this makes for an enormously sensitive drum that nonetheless has a very full and warm woody sound. Also the large radius roundover on the batterside makes it more comfortable to play with the hands. The inside of the shell is finished with linseed oil, shellack and wax. The outside is finished with linseed oil, shellack, primer, gold leaf and shellack. Hardware is made from steel; it is patinated (so called bleuing) and is heat treated with carnubawax and finished with microcrystalline renaissance-wax. 

Prize: sold.