Jelly Bean Bop

Sizes: 18 x 14, 10 x 7, 12 x 8, 14 x 14, 14 x 4 s. A jelly bean set I dreamed about ever since I discovered textile as a creative way of finishing drums. The shells of the toms are very thin vintage German birch ply shells (probably Tromsa or similar) that I upgraded by replacing the flimsy re-rings bij very sturdy ones made from mahogany. The shell of the bass-drum is also birch, it used to be a vintage Royal (Dutch brand) paradedrum; I also gave it mahogany re-rings. The snare is a segmented shell from this same mahogany. Every drum in this set is virgin(ized) and has no brackets or mounts on it. This has two reasons: 1. Maximum tone and resonance. 2. Each drum has two different bearing edges (45/roundover and 45/45) so they can be turned around to have another edge on the batter/reso side. The finish is textile and many layers of a hard waterbased non-yellowing laquer. All hardware on the drums is made from beech and aluminum (threaded brass inserts in the tubes). Check out the video, where Yonga Sun is doing his magic on this sweet sounding little gem! Prize (including snaredrum): Sold.

Extra information (see pictures): This set has a very simple claw design, in which actually the hoop is the claw. I designed this and tested it with a vice and a hammer, it can stand a lot of stress. The floortom sits in a simple collapsable cradle (included) and the 10 inch tom sits in a small cradle (included) that can be connected to any kind of cymbal stand with M8 wire (pretty standard). The bass drum has the spurs mounted on the hoops (included).