Lozenge Pearl Wenge

Size: 14 x 7,5 inches.

This drum is a very thorough re-work of a vintage Dutch marching drum. It was a Van Der Glas drum of which in particular the beautiful yellowed pearl wrap struck me and immediately gave me the idea of matching it with wenge. I shortened the thin birch 3-ply shell and gave it new laminated oak re-rings. I also painted the inside a nice matte grey. I kept all the original hole spacings and designed the new handmade wenge and steel hardware to fit. The hoops are a lamination of steel and wenge. I scratched lozenge shapes in the wrap, filled the scratches with permanent black ink, and polished the wrap (taking care not to loose the yellowing). There are small round gold leafed inserts in the wood. Edges are 45 degrees inside with a small roundover outside (batter-side 3 mm., reso-side 1,5 mm. radius). The snare bed is quite deep and wide. 

Special feature: I flipped the Van Der Glas badge and kept it on the drum. I will engrave the initials of the future buyer in it. Now I wrote JH on it with a marker, just to give an impression. JH is for John Henry, the first name of my all time favorite drummer.

Audio/video link at the bottom of this page.

Prize: 695 Euro's