Mr. Green

Size: 14 x 8 inches.

The basis of this drum is a vintage Sonorus rack-tom (a Belgian brand). It is a thin birch shell with solid beech re-rings. It was a bit out of round and I steamed it back to a perfect round shell again. I recut the bearing edges by hand, because there was very little material to lose (I cut a round-over outside and a low angle inside). The wrap was handmade by me and my two year old son and is a result of many experiments with paper/watercolor/laquers; it is hard, lasting and it won't yellow over time. I re-used the original hardware (lugs and COB sticksaver hoops) nd added a Gibraltart classic style strainer with brandless matching butt. The inside of teh shell was painted red to make a contrast with the green outside. Remarkably sensitive snareresponse for a drum this size and with these edges. I think that's due to the wide and deep snarebeds. 

Prize: Sold