Nesting Kit

Sizes: 16x9 inches, 13x6,5 inches, 10x4,5 inches.

This small nesting kit is made from repurposed shells (floortom and bassdrum from vintage beech Sonor shells, racktom from unknown origin). The wrap is hand made with acrylic paint and laquer drenched acid free paper. The insides of the shells are wrapped with laquer drenched fabric. Hardware is made from some kind of tropical hardwood (don't know the species) and brushed steel (except for the hoops; their metal part is made from uluminum). 

Prize: 1799 Euro's (This prize does include the floortom legs and bass drum spurs, but does not include the riser, the multiclamp and rod for fixing the racktom to a stand, neither the system for clamping the rack-tom to the hoop of the bass drum. The latter I pieced together from exististing hardware parts and works nicely. I'm willing to sell it along with the kit for 89 Euro's, then I will also brush it and make custom thumbscrews from steel and wood to match the kit).