Size: 10 x 2,75 Inch.

A customisation of a vintage Sonorus (Belgian) childrens drum. It had a very nice beech ply shell, but, as is sometimes the case with vintage drums, terrible edges and beds; as if they were cut out with a spoon. I made the drum shallower (cut of about half an inch) and cut new edges (double 45) and beds. Hardware is chrome-plated. The hoops (Slingerland-style) are vintage. The screws are new. It is a single tension system. This drum has a strong pop but keeps a nice open tone also. It is intended as a side snare, and will probably be mostly used with snares on, so I kept the original strainer; there's no throw (I would find even a small throw very bulky on this drum). The inside is finished with shellac and wax. The outside with fabric and a durable semi-gloss laquer.

Prize: Sold.

(For non Dutch speakers a little explanation of this name: This drum is a funny variant of another drum, "El Rey de Los Panqueques". That name means "The King of Pancakes" and I hope all of you understand that it is not an expression of arrogance, but a wink at the huge size of the drum, 16 inch. In the case of this tiny drum, Poffertje, the name is also a wink. First I thought of "The Prince of Pancakes" in Spanish, but then I thought of poffertjes, which are (I think) typically Dutch. They are a very small and sweetened kind of pancake mostly sold to kids at markets and fairs.).