Single Tension Jelly Bean

Sizes: 12 x 7, 14 x 14, 20 x 14 inches

Tom-tom: UTUR shell (here is info about UTUR). Thin areospace plywood (1,5 mm) around rigid rings. Hardware is hand made; a combination of raw steel and an unknown tropical hardwood. Finished with linseedoil and wax.

Floortom: An unknown reclaimed drum. I estimate it is from around 1950. Very funny discovery: this drum is much like an UTUR! I added handmade brackets on the hoops and floortom legs. Hoops finished with Skylt, shell spraypainted glossy red. I gave it new roundover bearing edges.

Bassdrum: A reclaimed Lefima drum. Hoops are finished with semi-gloss laquer, shell is finished with fabric. New roundover bearing edges.

Prize: this drumset is not for sale, I play it myself.