UTUR VIII (Key Drum)

What is UTUR? Read about it here.

Size: 14 x 7 inches.

In my UTUR design quest, in which I aim at maximal tone, of course at some point I just had to make a single tension drum that keeps the shell completely free to resonate. In the case of UTUR, the free floating design also has the advantage of the shell not needing an inner skeleton.

The shell is made from 1,5 mm. thick birch aeroplane triplex with horizontal multiplex re-rings. Hardware is handmade from steel and old cabinet keys I found in a barn. The hardware is patinated and waxed with microcristalline wax (renaissance wax). The finish on the birch is oil with some pigments, shellack, 2k ultramatte waterbased laquer.

This drum also comes with 10 black normal square head tension rods, in case practicallity is prefered over artisticity. 

Audio/video link at the bottom of this page.

Prize: 645 Euro's