Tribal Farmers Drum II

Size: 12 x 6 inches

The staveshell is made from walnut and conifer. The conifer I got from a family member who cut them down in his garden. It is pretty hard for a pinewood. This shell was constructed using power tools, but was made into round by hand with handtools (no lathe or so called "koko-jig"). The surface was gouged. I decided to not make the inside round, which created a litte problem: there were a few saw marks that I didn't plane away when planing the wood for this drum. Back then, when I didn't have idea's about working with handtools yet, I thought the sawmarks would disappear when making the inside of the drum round). I decided to a variant of what I think is called Kintsugi (accentuating mistakes in Japanese pottery). About the hardware: It is a single tension system. The centerposts and the bottom hoop were made from some kind of tropical hardwood I had lying around. I used the same wood to make a turning knob for the strainer and the hybrid hoop on the batter side (for rimclicks and rimshots when played with sticks). All other hardware is made from patinated steel.

Prize: this drum was commissioned, thus sold.