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Size: 14 x 7,5 inches.

The shell of this single tension drum is made from ply-wood and a sheet of so called "airplane-triplex" of only 1,5 mm. thick (birch). It is undrilled. The hardware is handmade from aluminum and brass and is slightly patinated with ferro-chloride. The finish of the shell is the first result from my watercolor experiments: I made a large watercolor on porous acid-free paper. I completely soaked that paper in a very hard lacquer. Then I cut it up in pieces and made a pattern with it, that I glued onto the airplane-triplex. This was then covered in a few coats of lacquer. The batter-side bearing edge has a 6,5 mm. round-over (which is pretty large) while the reso-side edge is very scharp and has it highest point near the outside of the drum. Because of this difference the reso head is quite a bit tighter than the batter head, a difference that is preferred by almost all drummers I know.

This drum is extremely lightweight and sounds super super fat when hit hard but is also light and sensitive wen played lighter or more subtle.

Prize: 595E.