Wormhole Bass/floor/snaredrum

Size: 14 x 6 inch

Multifunctional drum. The shell is a stave drum made from beech that was previously occupied by woodworm (no worries: it is treated, there are no living worms in it). For many years I have been searching for a material that would allow me to make a drum that has a lot of air in the sound. When one day I came across this plank of beech I just knew instantly I found it*. 

Hoops are salvaged vintage wood hoops. Inlay is WMP. Hardware is handmade from brass and aluminum. Edges are roundovers. The reso-side has two very wide snare-beds. The shell is finished with linseed oil and shellac.

Prize: this drum is currenty not for sale, my son uses it as a bassdrum. 

For Dutch speakers: In de Youtube link vind je mijn alter ego Bert Willems die uitlegt geeft over houtworm. Meer over Bert Willems hier.

* note: Those who know how I think about the relation between material and sound know I am fooling around here of course.