Tibal Farmers Drum I

Size: 13 x 4 inches.

A 17 mm. thick stavedrum of a pretty dense pine, combined with dark tropical hardwood I don't know the name of. All hardware (except screws and snare wires) is handmade from steel and is tin-plated (using fire, flux and tin). After plating I treated it with a bit of black paint, a polishing wheel and microcrystalline wax. The top bearing edge has a large round over (6,5 mm. radius), the bottom edge is a sharp 45. It can be played with sticks on one side (rimclicks and -shots are possible) and with hands on the other side.

Untill now (21-10-2018) I made two Farmers Drums (see them here and here) and two Tribal Side Snares (see them here and here). Though I am planning on making more Farmers Drums and Tribal Side Snares in the future this time I made a mix of both lines. On one hand it's a drum that looks like a Dutch (or Belgian, or German, or French) farmer made in his barn, trying to make it as attractive as he possible can with his clumsy crude tools. On the other hand it is a drum that is more or less made like a tribal hand drum and can be played like that. Prize: Sold.